We welcomed Timka from the other side of the world. Read on to lets see how her Sydney story is shaping up at Muse.


I can hardly believe how fast this year has gone so far! An really, it’s no wonder when I look back to how wonderfully busy it has been!

Since I started working at Muse hair salon, I’ve had such amazing opportunities in hair! In December 2016 I jumped at the chance to co-direct hair design, with my Muse college Brenna Peterson, at the Raffles College of Design annual Fashion Design graduation. I’ve loved being able to assist on several photoshoots with Muse  Director Philip Barwick and a colour collection shoot with Rachel Busby. All in addition conducting my own sessions as well which have included a photographic entry to the American Crew competition and coloring wigs in an advertising campaign for acclaimed session stylist Richard Kavanar  🙃.

After practicing to sharpen my skills I made the cut to be a part of the Redken Australia session stylist team, which was followed by my year’s highlights working at 8 shows during the Australia’s Fashion week. Then came the styling hair for the contestants on Channel 9’s TV show The Voice!!

While all of this excitement has been going on, I’ve loved being in the salon, I’ve been growing my clientele and feel I have not only become part of the team, but part of the Muse hair family. Awesome! I couldn’t be happier or more grateful to have such a talented and passionate hairstylists around me every day and In July I began helping  train Muse apprentices.

I’m already looking forward to another busy year in 2018 entering the Hot Shot hair competition and submitting my application for the Redken Young Tribe (RYT) talent program. RYT is focused on developing cutting, color and styling skills but also focuses on presentation skills for teaching.

I recently introduced Showpony extension to the salon, which the team and I are thoroughly looking forward to!

Stay tuned for more of my hair adventures

Timka X

LONG HAIR IN YOUR LUNCH BREAK. Ever wondered how Celebs can change their hair so often?

Hi everyone! I thought I’d take a moment to let you all know that Muse now offers a more modern alternative to traditional bonded Hair Extensions.
GL Apps by Great Lengths is a new innovation in Tape Extensions. They provide a fast and simple application process with no external heating and I can apply a full head of extensions in an hour!
I have been wearing these new extensions for a month now and I love them. They are so comfortable to wear and I can’t wait to explore the new colour ranges with my clients. They are completely invisible so you don’t need to worry about having to keep them hidden. These strands blend seamlessly even on finer hair giving the length and fullness you desire while remaining completely undetectable.
What I like most about the GL Apps is that they are REUSABLE! That means no long-term commitments are required and maintenance is easy. You can have your extensions adjusted every 6-8 weeks and it is just as fast and fuss free as the initial application. This also allows you to change your look or your hair color as much as you desire!
There is a huge range of colors to choose from so we can select from natural shades to high fashion colours and soft pastels so a colour change for a fresh seasonal revamp is super easy.

We love creating personalised extensions designs for our guests so contact us for your consultation.


Timka 😘

Muse’s Brenna Paterson writes about Redken Cerafill & the battle against thinning hair.

161107_Set up_0029Musette Brenna Paterson writes about Redken Cerafill & the battle against thinning hair.


Muse guests who are facing challenged follicles are totally loving Redken’s Cerafill. It’s reviving and uplifting technology gives you instant results visually bulking up thinning of fine hair. Cerafill will expand your hair by 9% maximising volume, lift and strength. For both boys and girls this is your hair champion in a bottle.

As a three step system Creafill is all about scalp vitality, the first step is to create the right environment for your hair to breath and grow. The second step is to re-awakening and encouraging your hair to grow. The third step amplifies and adds fullness to your hair. Ultimate results are achieved when the entire regime is used.

A major cause of hair loss is a decrease in the oxygen supply to the scalp, forcing the hair cells into a resting phase. Additionally genetics, hormones, menopause, stress, diet, illness allow an unhealthy scalp environment and excess sebum can clogg hair follicle which traps the hair making it challenging to grow to the surface of the scalp.

Creafill shampoo and conditioner are designed to prep the scalp, with stimulating menthol it gently cleanses the scalp to remove impurities clearing follicles for thorough absorption and a unique feature of the conditioner is the gel consistency to not weigh your hair down. Cerafill is formulated with proteins to strengthen the hair fibre, sunscreen to protect the scalp from uv damage & pollutants, volumizing agents to amplify the hair to visibly look thicker.

Cerafill Hair re-densifying treatment uses the active ingredient Stemoxydine that revitalises by oxygenating the hair follicles to waking up dormant (resting) hair cells, to re-enter the growing phase delivering up to 1,700 new hairs in just 3 months.

Dense FX is the ultimate product, amplifying the existing hair to visibly look thicker and fuller, increasing the diameter by 9% with proteins to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.

These gentle game changing products will give you the hair confidence you have always wanted!

It’s time to love your hair.

Brenna X

Redken CITY BEATS the new kid on the block.

Muse Colourist Rachel Busby gives us the goss!

Who’s the new kid on the block?
Let’s give it up for CITY BEATS!!!!!!
The latest addition to Redken’s already famous shades eq range
City beats is a brand new super awesome semi permanent color range.
What does this mean?
The color you see is the color you get.
If it looks pink coming out of the tube,it will be pink
It has an acidic ph the color is really conditioning- this equals super happy hair

With names derived from NYC the collection screams try me!!!
city ballet pink and midtown magenta are definitely my go to for soft fairy floss pink ( one of my favorite colors on my hair)

With a range of 8 colors at the moment and more arriving soon,if you ever wanted to try that pastel lavender or a bright turquoise ,that all the IT girls on Instagram are wearing
Now is time!
And the best part is that there is a color remover included in the range.
Now you can try out a new look with zero commitment
Are you ready to dance to a city beat?

Interested ?call us to book a consultation

Join Team Muse! | Leakana’s Apprentice Story

Hey! I’m an apprentice here at Muse but I actually started my career as the salon’s receptionist. After a few short weeks watching the team on the salon floor, and listening to some of their conversations about the actual science of hairdressing, their passion for designing hair for clients, and the cool events and photoshoots they get to work at, I desperately wanted to be a part of it.


I’m in the second year of my apprenticeship now and when thinking about how far I’ve progressed, from the first day I stepped out from behind the salon’s front desk, I can’t quite believe it. We are given so many opportunities to learn – we officially train with Muse artists weekly and the salon has a structured system to guide us. I love to gain new skills, it’s hard to describe but it’s a really happy and positive feeling. I can’t wait to dive deeper into my career, continue to learn as much I can and grow my own clientele. #inspired


Are you keen to join team Muse? Read the job description below and get in touch with us at shampoo@musehair.com.au.

Apprentice Job Description

Title:  Salon Apprentice 
Location: Surry Hills 

Primary Tasks:

  • Provide energetic and positive client focussed service at all times
  • Provide assistance to other team members and management as required
  • General salon cleaning of all surfaces
  • Provide assistance with basin procedures, technical work and styling
  • Attend and participate in training set up to increase skill levels and competence
  • Maintenance of recognised Work, Health & Safety requirements
  • Provide reception support to the salon and its clientele, when and if needed by coordinator
  • Maintain an up to date and accurate knowledge of the salon products and services
  • Maintenance and sales of retail products and treatments
  • Participate in designated marketing and promotional advertising
  • Cleaning of salon equipment, furniture and washing of capes and towels
  • Support and cooperate with person “in charge” of cleaning




Muse, by its very definition, is the personification of an artistic force and who could better embody this concept than co-director of Muse Hair Philip Barwick? International Educator, Artistic Director and Business Owner are just a few of the hats that Philip wears, but most recently it’s his artistic force in the world of backstage hairdressing which has put him on the radar of the best in the business.

Philip has been heralded as one of just six finalists for Session Stylist of the Year at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards, this country’s premier awards programme celebrating the best of the best in hair, fashion and beauty, where his exquisite work for Institute Magazine, Laud magazine and an accessories campaign for Bulgari wowed the London-based judges. Including legends of the session world such as British Hairdresser of the Year Angelo Seminara, seminal stylist Trevor Sorbie and global superstars of the backstage Eugene Souleiman and Sam McKnight, to be noted by these industry leaders is already a huge accomplishment.

Philip says “I am so stoked to make the finals of Session Stylist of the Year. Having my work appreciated by the London judges is a dream come true and seeing my name next to the other five Australian finalists is nothing short of an oustanding honour.”

Over the past 20 years Muse has evolved into a multi-award winning powerhouse salon business that’s regarded as one of Australia’s most creative and progressive hair institutions and as the figurehead for the brand, Philip is the very soul of that creativity and progression.

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards take place in Sydney on 2 April 2017 when all will be revealed…