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Muse’s Brenna Paterson writes about Redken Cerafill & the battle against thinning hair.

161107_Set up_0029Musette Brenna Paterson writes about Redken Cerafill & the battle against thinning hair.


Muse guests who are facing challenged follicles are totally loving Redken’s Cerafill. It’s reviving and uplifting technology gives you instant results visually bulking up thinning of fine hair. Cerafill will expand your hair by 9% maximising volume, lift and strength. For both boys and girls this is your hair champion in a bottle.

As a three step system Creafill is all about scalp vitality, the first step is to create the right environment for your hair to breath and grow. The second step is to re-awakening and encouraging your hair to grow. The third step amplifies and adds fullness to your hair. Ultimate results are achieved when the entire regime is used.

A major cause of hair loss is a decrease in the oxygen supply to the scalp, forcing the hair cells into a resting phase. Additionally genetics, hormones, menopause, stress, diet, illness allow an unhealthy scalp environment and excess sebum can clogg hair follicle which traps the hair making it challenging to grow to the surface of the scalp.

Creafill shampoo and conditioner are designed to prep the scalp, with stimulating menthol it gently cleanses the scalp to remove impurities clearing follicles for thorough absorption and a unique feature of the conditioner is the gel consistency to not weigh your hair down. Cerafill is formulated with proteins to strengthen the hair fibre, sunscreen to protect the scalp from uv damage & pollutants, volumizing agents to amplify the hair to visibly look thicker.

Cerafill Hair re-densifying treatment uses the active ingredient Stemoxydine that revitalises by oxygenating the hair follicles to waking up dormant (resting) hair cells, to re-enter the growing phase delivering up to 1,700 new hairs in just 3 months.

Dense FX is the ultimate product, amplifying the existing hair to visibly look thicker and fuller, increasing the diameter by 9% with proteins to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage.

These gentle game changing products will give you the hair confidence you have always wanted!

It’s time to love your hair.

Brenna X