American Crew All Star finalist Timka Trémouille is still buzzing.

It’s always great to see someone’s hard work and dedication pay off and we couldn’t be more proud of our Team Mate Timka Trémouille who recently kicked a major personal goal in the hairdressing competition arena. But as she found out the rewards are a gift that definitely keeps on giving.

T.T.  I Arrived to work on a Tuesday morning recently and saw that the American Crew All Star challenge 2018-2019 booklet had arrived. I opened up the the first two pages and there it was! Printed in burnt orange letters was my name on capital underneath my photo submission right middle of the page!


“Did I really do that?” Was the first question that came up on my mind. Oh yeah baby it was real and yes you did!! I started to felt incredible sense of pride and accomplishment, the same excitement started to raise up like it did the first time I received the email telling me I have made to top 25 finalist in Australia for the American Crew global men’s hairstyling competition. What made this all even more meaningful and cooler for me personally was that this was the first competition photo shoot that I had put together myself. I sort out the photographer, asked my good looking friends to model and was kindly given the salon to use on the day of the shoot as my studio by my awesome bosses. I am also very grateful for all the help and support from my colleagues at Muse to make the shoot successful!

I’ve been really passionated of men’s hairstyling every since I started my career and when I heard about the American Crew competition I thought this would be a great chance to really challenge myself and show off my men’s grooming skills! And I couldn’t be happier of the outcome!

Timka X