The Long and Short of it! Read on to see how we shaped up Pixie Cuts for Acler’s runway show.

We have had a number of requests asking about how we took our long haired models into convincing Pixie Cuts for ACLER at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. So let’s take a look.

We started on brushed out hair then section out an orange sized, circular section at the crown area which is pinned away. The hair underneath was divided into four sections above the ears and center of back and front. A small section was taken out at the left temple and pinned away. 2AE9B123-986A-4CB5-8B23-8A211E06F08D

We then filled the hair with Redken Full Effect 04 styling whip and combed the hair clockwise, compressing it tightly to the head. The idea here is to smooth the hair so close to the head it creates no bulk so our wig fits perfectly without lumps and bumps. Once the hair is tightly controlled, unpin the crown section and load it up with the styling whip and combe it tightly toward the nape, pin with bobby pins then merge it into the previous larger section. The small section at the left temple is combed anticlockwise making both sides tight to the head and directed away from the face. A hair net or wig cap is placed neatly over the entire hair.


We then positioned the wigs and secured to the head and cut into our awesome Pixie designs.



Now we’re runway ready!





Trippin’ and Teaching Redken NYC style with Rach Busby

Busby in NYC

There isn’t any such thing as an overnight success but being dedicated and a lot of hard work will get you to your dreams. We chat with Muse Hair Colourist Rachel Busby about here latest career highlight, landing a position at The Redken Exchange in NYC. This is where those who have made teaching our industry and giving back their vocation are hand picked to play among some of the industry’s very best.

So Rach, how are you feeling about NYC?

RB- Super excited, a little nervous energy and a lot of anticipation of how this experience is going to be. I also feel super lucky to have this opportunity to go to NYC.

Tell us about the class you’re teaching, what’s the theme?

RB- The class is called “ A Foreign Affair”. We delve into what trends and fashions are happening around the world and how we can interpret these to work in the salon.

So who’s teaching with you?

Two amazing hair artists that I’m humbled to be able to facilitate alongside.
Ludovic Beckers from Belgium and Marco Arena from Germany.

What path led you to the Exchange, how’d you get there?

RB- Short version! Hard work, perseverance, an amazingly supportive team and I work in a company where the directors are career focused. Thank you Roger and Philip!
Great Mentors, thanks again Philip Barwick, Chris Baran and Jonny Stellato. Mix this with the desire to do whatever it takes to get there.
There’s a lot of unpaid hours of work, long nights and days, tears, sweat and occasionally the thought that it just won’t happen. That’s the secret to drive through all that and sometimes that’s what dedication can feel like.

Your hottest tip?

RB- Keep believing and working hard. It does happen when you least expect it.B0F4F14A-C283-492F-A3E9-0D492C4B457E